4 thoughts on “Green Tomatoes, finally finished (I think), 12″ x 12″, Oil on Canvas”

  1. I went back and forth between the 9 hour and the 15 hour argueing with myself about which I liked more. The 15 hour looks shiny and sleek like a tomato skin feels. The bumps along the cross contours at the top are also more defined.This is a much more clear and tactile image. It has to make you feel good as an artist if I tell you I would have been satisfied with the 9. Nice study!

  2. nice green tomatoes! I’m assuming that the title of the post 15 means that you worked 15 hours on them? They are looking good! Good enough to eat soon.

  3. Jay, I keep going back and forth between these two, now. I do vote for the top one because of the fascinating glow coming in from the upper left. AND how you finished off those top leaves especially in the foreground tomatoe. I feel as though I can pinch them and pull them off. More 3-D than the step before.

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