5 thoughts on “Soy Bean Field with Queen Anne’s Lace, 16″ x 20″”

  1. I keep coming back to this one, Jay. I see so much more than a soybean firld, here. Makes me feel like I did when I drove west across the states. One of my favorites of yours.

  2. Hi Jay,

    I did not see this painting as static or lacking energy at all. That is why I saw it as my trip to the southwest. The foreground is still, for me. I liked that. It is where I stood to take the scene in. I really like the sharp slash upward off the background mountains (I think they may have been trees in your scene) just left of center. From there my eyes drop down into that film of cottony whitish-blue that I took as moving fog. Whatever is going on in those whitish strokes is very energetic and I took it as fog and light; the fog moving out and the light beginning to play on everything. The bean field could be any expanse of green for me. It was the place I had to speed past to get to my destination and I was taking that strip of diagonal road running in the foreground as soon as I was done looking in the direction of my destination. No, I do not see a lack of energy.

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